Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Your Status?

Everyone lives the same lives differently. Wouldn't you agree? Now I'm not saying that God gave each one of us here the same *map of life*. He didn't just print 20 billion kazillion copies from the same mapquest search of life and said "here ya go -- everyone start at a different spot, but stay on the same red dotted line". No I'm saying we all are here, for a different purpose, yet all dealing with the same earthly sins/pleasures at different times.

I look at my Facebook Live Feed and read through my *friends* statuses.

.....had some rocky mountain oysters today
.....hopefully, these farmer's markets will work out for me
.....Did laundry and found 5$ (not mine) treating myself to in n out : D !
.....In 24 Hours I will be in Costa Rica
.....Day not going as planned. Trying to take a deep breath & go with the flow.

On any given day you can find these same statuses, just worded a little differently. Contentment, Stress, Joy, Excitement, The Unknown.

I find life fascinating. I just finished writing a letter to my beautiful cousin as she just lost her baby boy this past week. He went to be with our Father in Heaven at 2 1/2 years old. If I'm being absolutely honest with you, after hearing this horrible news I thought to myself --- I must update my status. Isn't that disgusting. And I'm not trying to bag on Facebook or all of us who change our statuses letting everyone know whats *going on*. So today as I finished up my letter of sorrow I logged on to my FB account and read the statuses I listed above.

Everyone is going through different stages in their lives, yet we can all relate in one way or another to each other. I often think about this when I get a rude woman at the grocery store or someone cuts me off while driving. Granted I have a few Italian Woman genes in me so my first thought is WHAT THE HECK!!??, but on a good day you can catch me wondering "what's going on in their life?" (that's said in a *caring* tone of voice).

Now that my daughter is up from her nap and screaming into my ear, I'm not really sure what the purpose of this post was -- I guess just me realizing that everyone's joys and sorrows come at different times during the day, but we all need to stop and remember that we too have or will go through those same circumstances so we must always have a compassionate heart.

My daughter is up, didn't take a morning nap, not sure how tonight will go and I can't wait for dinner!

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