Friday, July 30, 2010

My Dream Kitchen...

As I rolled out dough to make my mom homemade cinnamon rolls this past Monday, searching for a spot to place my melted butter bowl, and grabbing the sugar with who knows what as a measuring spoon I started dreaming of my future kitchen. The kitchen I'm in now is not technically mine, so I can dream of my future home featuring the top of the line cookware and utensils. I can hear the laughter and conversations now as I type this post, of my loved ones enjoying their favorite dishes, while sitting at one (yes one, I'll be having two) islands in my kitchen. Everyone with food in hand telling stories while the little ones run wild in and out of my kitchen dodging warming drawers, pasta being drained and the opening and closing of my stainless steel refrigerator. Not to mention sneaking treats from my walk in pantry. (Most girls dream of a walk in closet---I dream of a walk in pantry filled with pasta of every shape, spices from fine grocers and shelves of my favorite ingredients). So, after putting my daughter down for a nap and praying that my old oven will keep temperature somewhat even to bake my mother some birthday cinnamon rolls I started thinking of what I would have in my future kitchen. First, like mentioned above, I would LOVE to have two islands. One for preparing food along with a wash sink, warming drawers and possibly even a flat top stove. And the other with barstools, large enough to have all my appetizers or treats on display for everyone to *nom* on. Oh and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have all my counter-tops as chopping blocks. Some friends of ours have a chopping block as their counter top and I am in love with it.

I would also love to have the induction hyprid cook-top by Electolux. It's amazing. It will boil water in 90 seconds. Automatically detects the presence of magnetic cookware and will activate the induction field and adjust it to the exact size of the pan. Heat is transferred directly to the cookware, so the cooktop stays cooler and better for having kids around because it isn't that hot. (and keeps your kitchen cooler).  Plus I love Kelly Ripa's commercials..hah! (and she's the spokes woman for Electolux).

Warming drawers for additional dishes at holidays.

Chopping block counter so I can chop and cut anywhere I please.

Walk in pantry (like mentioned above) ~ Two Dishwashers; one full size and one that is just a top rack drawer ~ Trash compacter ~ Additional Freezer/Refrigerator in pantry area

An ice maker/machine ~ French Door Refrigerator with bottom freezer ~ Double Wall Oven ~

And just for fun - a beverage center (to keep wine chilled, mugs frosty and specialty drinks cold) and probably a kegerator for Jeffrey!

A china hutch in my kitchen to display all my beautiful Princess House china. ~ Deep Cherry
Cabinets (staggered) ~ Oh yes, a drop down cabinet for my Kitchen Aid Mixer.....they are so amazing...drops below your counter top and easily brought up when ready to use

I've always wanted a pan rack to hang above either my stove or one of my islands. I like the way they look.

A drawer dedicated to knives of every size. ~ A touch screen recipe organizer (not sure if they make that, but I'm dreaming right? - I think that would be pretty awesome -- something that could be voice activated so you don't have to get the screen dirty when your hands are covered in what hopes to be dinner)

But the item the I want the most. Above the warming drawers, the walk in closet (I mean pantry) and yes, even above the chopping block counter tops......

I would love a kitchen window. A window that I can look out and see the backyard (or even front yard...I'm not going to be picky) Something that I can see God's amazing blue skies, our beautiful green grass and take just a moment to take a deep breath and be reminded of all the blessings in my life.

Just a window...


  1. A "Chopping block" counter top is called "Butcher Block". Sounds like a great kitchen! Save up at least $125K for it and its yours!

  2. Thanks, I thought chopping block wasn't the right term :)

    And I'm starting to save now, maybe someday I'll have this kitchen :) I'll know who to call to help me design it (along with the rest of my home)when I'm ready.