Thursday, June 17, 2010

Barro's Pizza

Can you see that cheese....baked to perfection? Ya...that's hard to come by. When my husband and I first moved to Arizona we were seeking out a Pizza and Beer joint. Now you have to realize, my husband comes from a family where every Wednesday was Pizza Night. This started when they were young and still continues to this day. In So. Cal it was real easy to find that "sports team" feel of a joint, but here we were really struggling (or looking in all the wrong places). But then.......there it was....Barro's Pizza
PIZZA AND BEER! Oh and a huge plus----TV's with the Game on. Hello?--- Cha-Ching! Money in the bank -- we found it! I have different classifications for my pizza -- and it all depends on what type of mood I'm in, but for that quick pizza fix (that is not a chain-fast food type--YUCK) Barro's is our go to place. Its like that favorite lipstick you have --- sure its not hot pink or classic red (like some other pizza bistro's that you might go to on a special night) but its your go to, looks good with everything shade of lipstick that never fails! (if you're a man reading my might not get my little analogy... but for you get it....right??!) Oh yes...and how could I forget---they have the BEST PRICES EVER!! My hubby and I can get away with a small pizza and large salad for less than $12!!! You spend more than that at fast food and feel crummy afterwards.

Barro's --- Try It --- I'm tellin go-to lipstick -- I mean Pizza you'll ever try!

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