Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a walk away

As I sit here today getting ready to take my daughter for a walk I started thinking of the places I wish were just a "walk away". A little less than a mile away is our "major" intersection leading to our residential area that consists of a Barro's Pizza, Good Will, Shell Gas Station, Day Care and a car wash on one corner and a Wing Stop, Dry Cleaners, UPS store and a few other office buildings along with several other empty commercial spaces. Often times I wish that I had a coffee shop that I could walk to in the morning and sip my favorite beverage while my daughter takes her morning nap. If I could choose my perfect corner that was Just A Walk Away it would include:

A Coffee Shop: Not really a chain like Starbucks or Tully's Coffee....but those would work. I'm thinking more of that mom and pop spot, where you can go get comfy on one of their couches or patio sets and catch up on the local gossip. Maybe even a morning acoustic guitarist or artist would be fun! Yes I would enjoy that.

A Bakery: Yes, a bakery is a must. Somewhere that I can stop in and get a specialty cupcake like at Cupcakes in Scottsdale  or Let Them Eat Cake in Phoenix. Or you know what would be wonderful is a full on bakery like at AJ's Fine Foods...I just love getting a freshly made Kuchen or Muffin. Like the coffee shop I'd be thrilled if it were mom and pop style but I'm good with pretty much any long as their products are made from scratch, with none of the yucky preservatives. Ugh.

Pita Jungle: Yum. If you haven't seen my post about Pita Jungle please read it. I love this place. Its perfect for when you are burnt out on all the fatty other "out to eat" joints.

Zoyo Yogurt: I will HOPEFULLY be posting about Zoyo Yogurt soon, but we haven't gotten over there for our weekly fix yet. I am so happy this frozen yogurt shop opened up down the road. (not a walk away unfortunately). We are definitely on a yogurt obsession right now...which is fine in my book!

And I think I'd be content with those 4 shops. A nice pond nearby would be nice too....but I have one of those already. See I'm not to picky. A girl can dream right?!

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