Friday, June 18, 2010


Panchero's is definitely the next HOT SPOT for all the valley lunch go'er's. There is only one so far in Arizona located off the 202 and Scottsdale/Rural right next to the In-N-Out and I must say....I fell in love at first bite!! Panchero's is a similar concept to Chipotle and other "make in front of you" mexican bars, but the unique part to Panchero's is that they make the tortilla right in front of you! Oh and the best part is that they mix up your burrito ingredients before rolling it. PERFECT! (My husband and I always talk how we don't like biting into a burrito and only getting rice or only getting cheese in a bite).

They also have a delicious queso dip, perfect addition to their blue corn tortilla chips. My camera phone seriously does not do these yummy's justice.

Panchero's also serves up quesadillas, taco's, salads, burrito bowls and many sides and additions to add to any of your meals. I've been.....I think about 4 times so far (in the past 3 weeks) and continue to get the's just so dang good. Maybe someday I'll venture out and get say a quesadilla or something.

So Delish!

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