Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In - N - Out

Anyone who's anyone knows that In-N-Out has been dishing up the best burgers for years. Their simple menu keeps cars lined up from open to close. For years we would sink our teeth into their fresh burgers before we even knew about their "hidden menu". Grilled Cheese, Animal Style Fries and Burgers, Protein burger, lettuce wrap and I'm sure many more that I don't even know about. Many have said that the In-n-out lovers are some-what of a cult, craving and following this family tradition. I'm pretty sure our best high school homecoming dinners were spent in the white and red decorated dining room of In-N-Out on Mountain and the 60 in California. My fav from In-N-Out is a grilled cheese spread only, animal fries and a chocolate shake.....when I'm feeling "healthy" haha...I get the grilled cheese with grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, ketchup instead of spread and add pickles.....YUUUUMEEEEE. Oh and just regular fries and a pink lemonade or water.
Not only does In-N-Out have the food concept down but their customer service is phenomenal. And last I heard their managers make over 100 grand! Hello--major career. I would love to go through their training program just once to see what they teach their employees.

Ok seriously, do you see this picture over here....I'm salivating as we speak (or type rather). My brother in law pretty much plans all his trips around stopping at In-N-Out when they come into town. And how can you blame him? My husband will even text/call him whenever we're there just to rub it in his face that we have them in our state....oh the love between brothers!

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