Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Chick-fil-A ... what can ya say? As many of you know I have been a vegetarian for going on 6 years now. Prior to that I loved meat: homemade meat balls from dad, pastrami sandwiches from The Hat, Pepperoni pizza from any pizza joint, you name it...everything but a hot dog. (ugh). Then one November all of a sudden I became grossed out by it. Really weird...I just didn't want it in my mouth, but I'd be more than happy to prepare it for anyone. So on it went --- adventure into become a vegetarian. Well, I was a pretty lazy vegetarian...not focusing on the amount of proteins I really needed...it was more of a cheese and bread diet. My mom calls me the "carbatarian". When I became pregnant with my daughter this past year the doctor was concerned with the amount of Protein I was consuming and went over a whole dietary list of what I should include if I was going to continue my vegetarian diet. Black beans, nuts, tofu (ugh) etc......I figured, since I wasn't going to really focus on that, the easy fix would be to include Chicken back into my diet. I ate Chicken and continue to eat it while nursing my daughter. I am still picky about it.....which brings me to my next restaurant.....CHICK-FIL-A ... delish!!!

They are by far the ONLY fast food joint that I will order a chicken sandwich from. Its perfect....the flavor, the texture....all the way down to the buttered bun they serve it on. I've even perfered a Chick-fil-a sandwich over some of the chicken I've ordered in restaurants. (Some are rubbery---yuck). I love that I can also enjoy their mouth quenching lemonade and that they throw in a perfect buttermint for dessert. I have to say though...I'm always so overwhelmed with my meal because I never know which taste I want to end on.

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