Thursday, July 15, 2010

CAKE BALLS ---- (for lack of a better name)

*Cake balls...have you heard of them? Have you tasted them? Cake balls were introduced to me by a good friend a few weeks ago and this clever little treat is one that makes me think..."Why didn't I think of that"

They are simple to make and a real crowd pleaser! The ::simple instructions:: is to mix one box of cake with a tub of frosting and then dip in chocolate...vwa-la! Cake Balls!

(now you all know my thoughts on box cake, which ironically, every year for my birthday my cake of choice is box Strawberry Cake, which (1) I despise ever bringing box cake to someone's house (2) I hate ever admitting that my cake of choice for my birthday is box Strawberry -- yes yes, I'm a hypocrite...well I guess not big issue is when people claim box cake as homemade----ok ok...totally off subject...I've been doing that lately haven't I)

There are many way's you can make Cake Balls --- favorite sheet cake recipe, any white cake/red velvet/ chocolate cake -- the possibilities are endless.

Since hearing about Cake Balls I have made them twice and my advice to you is:

-Refrigerate your cake/frosting mixture before dipping in chocolate
-Don't melt your dipping chocolate too much, you don't want it too thin
-Make sure to be ready to sprinkle with toppings, that chocolate dries fast
-Cake balls are just as good without a stick!

Have Fun and Enjoy...and for heavens sake...come up with a better name!

*Image from Google Search


  1. I was totally planning on making these for Mya's birthday party this past year. I was going to do red velvet cake w pink frosting... I ran out of time then, but I need to try that sometime! she will love it.

  2. Cake on a Stick (I just went to the fair last week)? Or how about Cake Pops? Or Lollycakes? Heaven Sticks? Yummy Pops?

  3. how much did you buy them for at the fair? Hi by the way cher bear! Hope you are doing well