Thursday, July 1, 2010

Zoyo Yogurt

My husband and I have been on this crazy yogurt fix for about 3 months keeps getting progressively worse. (or better...however you want to look at it). Well, we had always been ice cream lovers (and still are), but my husband started the P90X program back in February. Which if you can stick with it its REALLY worth it..he lost 45 lbs in the 90 days! Crazy?! I surely can't do it..I attempted the Ab video...I forget the name of it, ya...I pretty much laid their watching all the different ab workouts thinking..."!" ... 30 minutes later, I didn't break a sweat. So anyways, back to the yogurt, my husband had been craving some ice cream, but with it being high in calories (especially for the portions we like to enjoy) we wanted an alternative. I suggested frozen yogurt to my hubby and at first he wrinkled his nose in disgust. (even though he had never even tried yogurt before!) We made our way to Golden Spoon and he fell in love! Then shortly after finding out we both really enjoyed Frozen Yogurt, Zoyo Yogurt opened up right down the street (baaaaddd idea!).
We've been going pretty much weekly, and probably could go every other day if we let ourselves. I love the location and their flavors. They have a huge roll up door in front opening up their entire place which I love during these summer nights. Another plus is they have ESPN on so even during the Laker's Finals we went down and enjoyed a yummy cup of yogurt. Now I'm not too picky on the location of my frozen yogurt, just as long as I get to choose my flavors and sprinkle my toppings I'm in heaven. Lately whenever Jeff has taken me to Panchero's I sneak into Yogurtland to get my fix of frozen yogurt. (And Yogurtland has the PERFECT spoons!) But if I had to choose my favorite, Zoyo is definitely the one. The location, atmosphere and creamy flavors are above all else! Great Job Zoyo --- You're our favorite hang out!


  1. Yogurtland's spoons are the same type they have at WholeFoods...they are made from potatoes!

    I once saw a guy who got it right (if you like toppings, which it looks like you do- I never get toppings!)...what he did was put a layer of yogurt, then a layer of topping, then a layer of a different flavor, then a layer of a different topping, etc. until it was full to the top....always kinda' dropping it on the counter after each layer to pack it in. I thought that was brilliant!

  2. ooo..I like that!

    My mom and I use to do a similar thing with our popcorn at the movies...popcorn, butter, popcorn, butter...I think I just gained weight thinking about it! yum!