Friday, July 30, 2010

Chicken Lasagna (and cheese for me)

Last week I made an amazing Chicken and Cheese Lasagna....I know I shouldn't praise myself, but seriously!! This dish just melt in your mouth.

As many of you know, and previously stated, I'm kind of a lunatic when it comes to meat. I use to eat it all the time...homemade meatballs with my parents, cheeseburgers from Super Chili Burger in Chino, you name it...Then about 6 years ago I just became disgusted with it. Kind of a bummer I did not eat it for 5 years. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter I realized that I was more of a "Carbatarian" rather than a Vegetarian and started including chicken into my bread and noodle diet. Basically because I was too lazy to figure out how much protein I needed through nuts, beans, eggs, etc. So my daughter was born and I continued to eat chicken...but's where the lunatic part comes in....about 4 weeks ago--- all of a sudden...AGAIN! I don't want to eat. Ya Ya...I'm crazy. And like many of my posts I've trailed away from my original subject - Chicken Lasagna that is seriously making me salivate just looking at the picture!

It was real simple. Just whipped it up out of no where. Boiled some lasagna noodles. Heated some tomato sauce and added my own spices (garlic, roasted garlic, cumin (new fav), pepper, salt, oregano...) Fried some chicken in the skilled, then shredded. Then started the layer process. Noodle, Sauce, Cheese, Chicken on Half, and repeat 3 times! Heat in the oven at 350 and vwa-la...Chicken Lasagna!!! SOOOOOO GOOOD!

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