Saturday, July 3, 2010

DYK..??::JoAnn's/Baby Section::

I know my blog has been all about food thus far, but lately I've been wanting to blog about more and more rather than creating another blog with all my other thoughts I thought I'd just add a DYK section. So Here it Goes...

Did You Know....

that JoAnn's Fabrics has baby stuff? In the section where they sell items for those who Bedazzle they have baby onesies, burp cloths, bibs and beanies.(they even have colored burp cloths, not just plain white) Sure, you might not think this is as exciting as it was for me...but here's the real kicker. 5 white onesies from Babies R Us costs $9.99 and that is the same price they sell it at JoAnn's BUT JoAnn's also mails out their 40% off coupons! Hello??~~!!! I've only gotten 20% off coupons from Babies R Us which is still good, but you can't beat that.  So, there's my DYK for today. If you need white onesies use your coupon for JoAnn's.


  1. If you poke around will see all the people who add an applique/iron-on or embroider something on a onesie....and sell it for $15! haha! And, you can recognize some of the appliques or iron-ons from that aisle in JoAnne's!

  2. Michael's has the white onesies too and I get their 40% off coupons all the time!

  3. oh thats good to know...I need to sign up for Michael's coupons though...I always forget that we have one so close to the house....