Thursday, July 1, 2010

JoJo's Pizza

JoJo's Pizza Kitchen is by far one of the best pizza places I've ever had the privileged of enjoying. Their family recipes and quality ingredients make them top notch above all other restaurants. When I was in my first year of college back in California I started eating here with a friend of mine. She would come in at least twice a week so she knew everyone really well. When I told her that I was looking for a job she suggested I apply at JoJo's. I grabbed an application, had an interview and before I knew it I was in my uniform and ready to help the customers. I loved working at JoJo's as a waitress. The regulars always made our nights such a crack up! Its funny how people "think they know you" just because they see you in a restaurant every Friday night. Ok -- Just to give you an example of how dedicated and loyal these customers are I'll give you a scenerio that would happen pretty much every weekend...Ring Ring::: "Thank you for calling JoJo's how may I help you?" "Ya I'd like a Large JoJo's Special for delivery" "Perfect, its going to be about 2 hours though for delivery we're jammed pack." "That's fine...can't wait for our food"..................SERIOUSLY PEOPLE???? 2 HOURS???? YOU ARE GOING TO WAIT 2 HOURS FOR A PIZZA TO BE DELIVERED???? And they did...week after week.
Some delicious delights from JoJo's include their ever so tasty Tomato Basil Pizza, Homemade Lasagna, Alamara Sauce over Ravioli's or baked into Baked Penne and who could ever leave JoJo's without a Family Dinner Deal - Large Pizza, Large Garden Salad and oozing with Garlic and Butter Breadsticks. So Delish!
I could go on an on about their food....but really you'll just have to stop in and experience the homemade traditions yourself. And don't forget to say hello to Joe Sr....always there to great his guests!

Side Note: They are also great for catering! We had them at our wedding!!!

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