Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honey Moon Sweets

O   ---  M --- G ---

I had the privileged of biting into one of these exceptional cupcakes on July 3rd and I still cannot get over how delicious it was.

I love cupcakes. I truly do. They make me so happy. Call me crazy, but I even get happy just looking at cupcakes. Go on....Google Cupcake Images ... I'm sure you'll smile.

My hubby surprised me by taking me to Honey Moon Sweets before we headed up to Wickenburg to celebrate the 4th of July Fireworks display at Sunset Park. Originally we thought they might be more of a breakfast bakery serving up cinnamon rolls, muffins and bagels, but to our pleasant surprise they specialize in cakes, cupcakes and pies. They do offer cinnamon rolls, just not in the yea, you got me....I'll be sneaking over there in the fall to sink my teeth into one of their cinnamon rolls..I can only imagine how yummy they are. .....

Ok wait wait wait...this post is suppose to be about a cupcake!

Do you ever feel just weighed down after eating a dessert? That's because most are made with crap....sorry to use that term, but its true. Desserts made from scratch...with REAL ingredients are hard to come by, but Honey Moon Sweets has hit the mark! Its a real good thing that we only purchased one cupcake, because I could have probably consumed a 1/2 dozen.

The cream cheese frosting compliments the red velvet so well. Plus adding the white chocolate confetti! Perfect! I think I might have to sneak over there for my birthday this Friday! Yum!

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